Smart vaccum cleaner

Hi all

I was scrolling through the apps list, seeing as I’m moving to an apartment with a friend and we somehow decided we want to invest in a smart robot vacuum.

Which one works with homey? Roomba officially only one but is that true?


I think this one, too.

Xiaomi works with Homey very well. I use it every day :slight_smile:

The Xiaomi S50 has problems to work with Homey.

What problems? Works fine over here!


Well, the same the App developer has reported.

The robot is visible (the token is accepted) but will not except commands. This is the issue in my case.

Could be due to a Xiaomi firmware update. Not sure.

I have fallen back to the Xiaomi App to schedule tasks.

I have a neato D3. It works great with Homey, only problem is that i have to empty the dirt bin by myself


I also reported after that, that my vacuum cleaner was eventually working again. For me it was solved after rebooting my router. So my app should work fine with all types of Xiaomi Mi Robot cleaner except for an occasional time out issue which I can not solve.

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I will try that too than!

Thanks :blush:. Also a very good option I’ll look into.

Sounds promising!

You can start the xiaomi vacuum with google assistant too. Is homey capable of sending commands to the google assistant? Than you can try that too.

I can confirm that for me a reboot of the router worked as well!

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First and second Gen robot work? :o

does status reporting work?

e.g. a flow like xiao mi robot returning to dock after completion of vacuum triggering a flow. i tried but doesn’t seem to work. triggering a vacuum works via flow though