Dreame Vacuum Robot (Xiaomi brand)

Hi guys!
I recently got my self the new Dreame L10 Pro, which is essentially a Xiaomi robot with another branding. I managed to pair my robot with Homey, with token and everything and it appears in Homey. But, as you might have guessed since I am writing a post, it is not possible to control it via flows.
Are there anyone here that have a Dreame D9 or the same model as I have that have managed to add the robot to Homey?


I wonder about the same thing. In my case Dreame Z10 Pro, is it supported somehow?

I needed to contact the developer Maxmudjon on Telegram, he can add “any” device you would like. Then you can use his app that you install via CLI.
Don’t forget to donate a sum for his support. :slight_smile:

Could you forward me to references on how to install his app viao command line? I’m not familiar with this level of installation, but I have a Dreamebot Z10pro and I would love to make it work in Homey!