Dreame X40 vacuum robot

I’ve been really happy with my Homey Pro, but I recently encountered an issue. I purchased a Dreame X40 vacuum robot, assuming it would integrate seamlessly with Homey since it’s one of the fastest-growing and best vacuum robots on the market. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to integrate it.

Does anyone know if there’s a solution or workaround to get the Dreame X40 connected with Homey? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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That’s very personal and region dependent imho. I’ve never heard of Dreame.

Don’t ever assume things with Homey → Check the app store if a brand/model is supported, else you can

  1. request for support here
    No one requested Dreame yet :man_shrugging:

  2. Or request for support here, but here also no one requested Dreame:
    Search results for 'Dreame' - Homey Community Forum

Except for Matter enabled devices, (most) supported functions (should) work without an app.
And for zigbee & z-wave enabled devices is very basic support for lights, switches/plugs, like OnOff & dim


Workaround could have been Home assistant, it supports Dreame, but not the X40 model:

I’ve teamed up both Homey and HA, because HA supports more devices and in general new devices are much quicker supported.

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Thanks all for the feedback & help. I will request the app and will also look into suggestion by @Peter_Kawa on integrating Home Assistant.

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I also have a dreame bot (can’t remember the version) and agree that it is a really great vacuum cleaner and can also agree that you always have to check first if the product is supported.

But I could easily integrate it with a simple an cheap Amazon Alexa dot. You install the Dreamehome skill and then you can manage the dreame with the skill and the flows.

Can you explain how you did this?
I also have a dreame l10s , i can connect it to alexa but i can not connect it in homey to use it in flows