Switchbot curtain

Hey guys im planning to fit my entire house with switchbot curtain. Before I make such big purchase i want to know if this device works propperly and flawlesly with homey?

I bought recently a Vacuum cleaner from Irobot and the integration with homey is poorly, they might as remove the app from the homey store.

So if you have the Switchbot curtain please share your experience with Homey integration.

I use several Switchbot curtains. I also have Switchbot switches and temperature / humidity sensors. I logged everything through the Switchbot Hub and it works very well. Not to be forgotten is the hub’s IR option. My air conditioning, the TV, Blue-Ray and the receiver also work very well. Please note that communication between the Hub or Homey works with Bluetooth and therefore has a limited range.

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ooh Great, for the range I am not concerned. How ever I want to limit the amount of hubs. Is there a way to connect the switchbot curtain to Homey’s bluetooth without the “Switchbot Hub”. If this is possible will do you have full functionality of the the switchbot curtain device in the flows?

Yes, that is possible.

Connecting to SwitchBot devices via BLE is generally much more efficient than with the their hub and is my preferred method. However, Homey also has the same range limitations as the hub and you might not be able to position Homey as optimally as the hub.

If you are a bit technical:
I also provide code for a cheap ESP32 module (can be purchased from Amazon for around 10 GBP). You use the Arduino IDE to program my code into the ESP32. Once setup you can place one or more of these around the house and they convert the BLE into WiFi directed straight back to Homey. These are the most responsive ways to connect the devices to Homey (even faster than using Homey’s built in BLE).
As a speed guide for status updates: ESP32 around 1 second, Homey BLE around 20 seconds, hub around 1.5 minutes * number of devices.

However, If you just want to control the curtains from Homey, the speed is not really an issue.

Sounds good, can you please share a link to this code? Thanks very much.

It’s on Github https://github.com/AdyRock/SwitchBotBLEHub.
Instructions are also in the readme. Hope it is useful to you.

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