SwitchBot - Homey pro. (reinstall)

Hi there…

I had my curtains nicely connected and installed to homey pro… (my curtains were paired up in the switcht app).
Now I decided to unpair my curtains so I can open and close them separately.
After unpairing the homey couldn’t communicate to the curtains. So I did a fresh setup. Factory reset the curtains. Deleted them from homey, deleted the app. Reinstalled Switcht app.

But for soms reason I cannot add the curtains to homey pro any longer. “NO DEVICES FOUND”…

please help !!

Are the curtains showing up in the Switchbot phone app?
How are you trying to connect to them, BLE or Hub?

Yes they are showing up in SwitchBot and work perfectly in there.

I’m using the BLE version of the curtains on FW 4.0

What is the version 4?
I thought version 3.9 of the curtains was the latest.

Are you using the Homey bridge or a Homey Pro?

I have realised you have already said you have a pro, sorry about asking again.
Could you go to More, apps, Switchbot, Configure App, Log tab and set the Diagnostics Log setting to Full Information. Then try to add the curtains. After it has failed, go back to the Log and tap on Send Log.

No logs created in FULL INFO

Some data in Detailed info
Send to developper

Wow, I only just got 3.9 :smile:
Can you update to the test version of the app. The curtains are returning the new data format and the test version has been updated to cope with that.
To get the test version, go to the store and add /test to the end of the URL, or you can now view the change log and tap on the test text against the newest version.

This experimental version of the SwitchBot app DID find one of my two curtains. I did upload the log files…

So I am one step further… Now lets find out why it cannot find the other curtain.

Only one is showing up in the log. Could you keep trying to see if the other one shows up?
Homey can miss the broadcast if the distance between Homey and the device is getting close to the limit.

After a reboot of the homey they now both show up… I guess the test version of the switchbot app did it for me !


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