Thermostat wrong device status colors (blue/cooling, red/heating)


with the recent update to Homey 10.0.7 (on Homey Pro 2019) I noticed, that Thermosthat devices show the wrong status colors (black instead of blue/cooling, red/heating) - but ONLY on web frontend (, not in mobile app.

  1. Can anyone replicate and confirm? 2. Any chances that this gets fixed?
    I use 12 heating zones (basically rooms) and that color reports if one is heating or cooling, very confusing right now.

Thanks and kind regards

Only if you report this to Athom.

As @robertklep already mentioned, only Athom can fix it because this is a user forum only.

Just an additional info: the color black is also used when the actually temperature is the same like the target temperature or the mode of the thermostat is off.
Please have a look at this post (I guess you understand German).

I have just checked the behavior again myself, Athom does indeed seem to have changed something. But probably not to the Homey firmware, but to the Homey smartphone app.
This may be due to the fact that the climate tile (Smartphone App → Devices) was added with the smartphone app version v8.0.0, which was released in the last few hours.
My thermostats now only display red (= heating up) and black in the WebApp resp. grey in the smartphone app (target temperature is equal to or higher than actual temperature). This also makes sense with my thermostats, as they cannot actively cool.

Well, all the speculations that existing/missing capabilites OR if target/current temp are identical affect the behaviour are also right, but never the less did my display behaviour change in the webapp, but not in the smartphone app w/o changing anything which is not explained by your findings.

You are also right, that heating thermostats or similar virtual devices cannot actively cool in their real capabilities, but still their display behaviour has been like that for years and something must have changed. Also, who says that my virtual device cannot actively cool if I want to control something with it?

Until a couple of days putting the relevant (virtual) devices actively into mode “heating” or “cooling” did change their color to red or blue, but not anymore now (only in webapp but still in smartphone app).

Now, if the device has both capabilities (measure_temperature and target_temperture) the device can and does change its color from blue to red depending on delta +/- also in webapp, but if the device only has measure_temperature (like most of mine) the color never changes and stays black independend from modes.

The reported behaviour did also change for “real” devices like my thermostats.

It’s not a big issue, therefore might not even report it but still strange change.
Thanks for your hints!

Well, as I wrote before, this is a user forum only, and also I’m, as moderator, has no more information than every user in this forum. So please ask Athom if you want to know what the reason is for this behaviour.

The WebApp is constantly being changed/optimized by Athom, most of which you will not even notice. Major changes are published on the changelog page and I think that is the answer of the question:

Unfortunately, there is still no date given for when the change was made.

No one said that, I wrote about my thermostats. And my thermostats cannot actively cool.

Maybe you have to update the smartphone app. As I wrote already, a new version was released in the last 24 h hours.

That’s not correct. My thermostats uses booth capabilities, nevertheless only black/gray or red is displayed. So maybe (sorry for the speculation!) further capabilities are necessary so that blue is also displayed for active cooling.

Thank you!