Hey Guys,

Do you have any suggestions for an outdoor thermometer to connect to my Homey? Need to be able to handle -20 C.

Aqara? Temperature/Hum/Pressure
I got one in my freezer and it works fine.

Not a big fan of CCP tracking what I do but thanks, will give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

If you connect it (directly) to Homey and not to an Aqara/Xiaomi hub, there is no CCP tracking possible.

That’s not a lot of information you’re providing.
Which radio protocol? Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wifi?
Is there a power outlet nearby?

My recommendation is a BleBox temperature sensor. But you need a USB power supply:

Thanks fantross, I can basically use whichever but There is a store with Aqua near by so will give that one a go at first.

Quite hard to suggest, without knowing details…

  1. If more than one point & parameter and also budget is not the biggest problem - Netatmo (have them - full set, but only wind gauge does not deserve 5 stars)
  2. If the budget is big problem, but thermometer is near the Homey, then something from Oregon (433 additional module). But, be warned, the Homey is not the brightest long-range receiving star. Tested also by myself
  3. Of course others, given by others here :wink:

But though Netatmo is a fine device, the outdoor temperature sensor cannot stand in direct rain. that is silly.