Outdoor smart plug with temperature sensor: Exist?

I would like an outdoor zigbee smart plug with temperature sensor - or a small powered temperature/weather sensor. Do anyone know of any?

Never seen or read about, whith any wireless protocol that is.
I don’t know the background of your question, but I use a standard Aqara Temp/Hum/Pressure sensor, hidden from direct rain. Keep in mind those should not be used with temperatures below -20°C.
Those sensors are pretty solid, while there’s also one in the fridge here (which reaches -20°C quite often), one below the cooker hood (hot steam), and one above the shower head :wink:

Thanks Peter, I was thinking plugging the smart plug into an outdoor outlet and by doing so, achieving multiple goals:

  • Extending my Zigbee mesh outside
  • Don’t having to buy some kind of weather station to keep track of local temperature

Since my cabin is far away from me and temperatures can get down to -10*C, battery operated devices aren’t really the way to go, in my opinion. Ideally, I would like to measure humidity and air pressure too :- ) with small outdoor devices (instead of the big weather station installations).

I understand the situation. I don’t know about any mains / USB powered zigbee temperature sensors which can handle -10°C, -20°C or lower; and when they actually do exist, and if it’s small enough, you could maybe build it into a zigbee smart plug yourself.
But… in theory, a powered sensor should act as a zigbee router as well.

I found one! In a store next door ironically :slight_smile: : Namron ZigBee Thermostat plug 16A
(Warning: It’s not an outdoor device, IP20)

The device is supported by Homey via the Namron app. And amongst several, there’s this event:

I’m gonna give it a go! :slight_smile:

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