THE solution for Neo powerplug range issues

Like many others I struggled a lot with the range of x-wave. There for I bought some cheap range extenders -> Neo coolcam powerplug ( v1 and V2)

But both devices didn’t solve my problem, because the have very bad connection, so the are not good routers to my other Z-wave devices, placed further in my house.

After testing/re-locating en googling, if found THE solution on an another forum:

After doing this, and a recreate of my Z-wave mesh (just waited a couple of days, so I didn’t force a ‘remesh’) every Z-wave device works perfect, really!

I hope I can helps someone with this info. It’s really easy to achieve!!
Credits to the forum seen on my screenshots


Read this information - it could save your life!

Electrical safety when creating DIY electronic projects

Mains voltage electricity is extremely dangerous. There is a significant risk of death through electrocution if mains voltage electricity is allowed to pass through the body. There can also be a risk of fire and explosion if electricity is not cabled and fused correctly. Therefore precautions must be taken when using mains electricity or similar.



Use at own risk of course :+1:t3:

Which risk do you exactly mean? If I solder the new antenna, does electricity goes through the antenna, or only if you solder it not on the right spot?
I also found this link for another device
Another device mod

The Risk?
The 230v part is only a few mm (not even cm) away from your antenna solder connection, if you mess up and bridge the antenna with the 230v part, cause you don’t know what you are doing, don’t mind me if your house burns down.

Plus a warned user is always better then a burned user

As for your other post, he already mentions the warning at least 2 times himself that your working around parts that work on 230V