The perfect wake-up routine

Hi everyone!

I was thinking about how to set up the perfect wake-up routine, and wondered how all my fellow Homey users have done this in their home, which is why I made this post :nerd_face:

I for example say “Goodnight” to a Google mini every evening, and then it asks me when to set the alarm (which is handy for me since I don’t always wake-up at the same hour). After that it starts my goodnight flow (through a virtual device) and shuts everything down. Then in the morning when the alarm goes off I can say either snooze or stop. When I eventually want to get up, I can say “Goodmorning” and it will tell me a few things about my day, and then start my wake-up flow (again through a virtual device, which turns on lights if necessary, plays music and so on).

This is pretty nice, but I was thinking about making a light slowly turn on and brighten up over a half hour or so, before my alarm goes off. However, since my alarm is set every night and is variable, I don’t see a way of distracting that data easily to Homey so I can have my bedroom light turn on slowly before waking up.

Please share your setup / ideas on the perfect wake-up (or goodnight) routine!

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Sorry to see you did not get any response to this question.
I would like the same, incl the following these devices:
Kaku wall plug with dimming capabilities for a normal lamp
Google Nest Mini
Slide curtain motor

Set an alarm (by Google Assistent is a great idea)
Opening the curtains slowly in several steps before waking up along with the lamp
When the alarm time is there a nice mp3 or alarm played by the Google Nest
Ability to snooze
Disabling these flows when I am out of bed…

Did you manage to get such a thing done finally, @Mitch_P?

The above can always be extended when I stopped the alarm by
Turning on the living room lights when the sun hasn’t rised yet
Turning the tv on
Setting it to my favourite newschannel
Turning on my coffeemachine

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I have this done, dont know if it is perfect but it works good for me for one year now;

First i set a Homey Alarm for the wake-up time.

When this alarm is activated this flow kicks in. It starts 2 transitions, one for the bedroom light and one for the sonos + its sets the Sonos to play my favorite radio station + it turns on the bathroom light after 15 minutes (the photo doesnt show these last 2 steps)

This is the transition to gradually turn on the wake up light

This does the same as the light transition but then for my sonos gradually get louder

I have a Remotec Scene Master at my bedsite, its has buttons, on press its gives me a 9 minute snooze, but only on the sound (i like it this way)

When i get out of bed i push another button on my Remotec remote, then homey determines if its a work day or a weekend day, i have different routines at these days

And it triggers many other things, one of marking me as awake. This triggers other things.

And most important, sometimes you need to pee at night, its again a different button on the Remotec, it disables some of my PIR’s for 5 minutes and its turns on some lights at a realy low setting, so i keep sleeping a little :wink:

Its in dutch, i am sorry for that, but i think you will get it. I also have it opening my curtains and the next step would be turning on TV and set it to the newschannel.

Hope it helps


Thx @Jaap!
This will be a great help!
I am Dutch, so understanding is no problem… :wink:

Will try it out tomorrow.
Do you use opening the curtains as a wakeup light too? Use a transition for it too? I have a Slide set up, and it would be great to gradually wake up to some natural “sunrise”. :wink:

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Hi Henk,

My rollerblind is really large so opening it just a little bit gives much light in the room, so i open it in 3 steps, so no transition for me.

Good luck with your setup.

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