Homey and the philips hue wakeuplight feature

Hi all
I truly truly searched! I just couldn’t find an answer

I got my homey today, and first thing I want is to have a good sleep and wakeup flow

I got music working, speakers turned on, all lovely. However, before all that starts, I want my lights (or one light) to fade on 10 minutes BEFORE I wake up / my alarm. and add the last few later.
Is that possible?

And I would like that to be via alexa! is that possible at all to do via alexa?
I would like a dynamic flow so to speak. That I can tell alexa to tell homey (?) that I want to wake up at 07:00 and that homey knows that that would mean at 06:50 my lights have to start to fade in.

Cheers vic

This is how i did it Screenshot_20181023-202136

Hi @victoroos

Try the Transitions app

enabling smooth transitions for both light and music (eg. Sonos)

will I be able to turn it on via alexa / voice control? :). thanks for the flow?

gonna look into it. thanks!

You can the add a virtual device, to trigger the flow, which will work with alexa.


And that would make the time dynamic? as in… when I tell alexa to wake me up at 06:45 homey know that it should activate that flow for that time? or do I have to make individual flows for all my wakeup times?
Awsome those virtual devices, thanks!