Alarm clock / wake up light using Homey and Google Nest Hub

I used to have an old Philips Wake Up light, the ones with a 100watt light bulb and FM Radio. With the combination of Homey and a Google Nest Hub I’ve made a custom alarm clock / wake up light to replace this.

It all starts when I go to sleep. I’ve got one flow ‘SLEEP’ that triggers a series of flows that turn off TV, decoder, lights in the living room (with delay) and turn on my night stand bed lamp.

It also triggers this flow to set an alarm clock:

For most days this standard time will work, otherwise I set the alarm clock manually in the Homey app.

In the morning it all starts with this flow:

30 minutes before the alarm time, it starts a flow wake up light, sets the volume of the nest hub to 0, so the music volume can start to increase slowly, it unmutes my android phone (with IFTTT) and starts a music flow. Restart for Google TTS is needed because of the app crashing in the night sometimes. This makes sure it will work later on.

wake up light using my night stand bed lamp:
(ikea kitchen cabinet light placed inside my night stand)

for the volume of the nest hub I use Better Logic:

this will start the music: and using a timer it slowly increases the volume:

On my phone I’ve made a widget (favorite flow) to stop increasing the volume:

I’m still looking for a nice button that I can put next to my bed to do this. Also when I stop the Nest hub from screen or with voice, the volume increase will also stop.

At the exact time of the alarm clock, I use Google TTS to warn me to really get out of bed.

I’m still looking for some way to create a ‘snooze’, so it repeats every 9 minutes or so when I push a button or something


Thanks! And if you still looking for a nice button. I recommend the Fibaro panic button. I use this button to set my home in sleep mode and I will use the button now also for the Alarm.


Nice job! Try xiaomi wireless switch. Looks good and work perfect. Homey can control 1-5 clicks, button release and hold. But for adding first xiaomi device to Homey you need to have Xiaomi gate. After setup you dont need it anymore and you can add more xiaomi devices without gate.

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I have (or better said “had”) the same Wake Up light. It just died on me :frowning:

Would be great to have an alternative with Homey. Does anyone know if there is a way to sync my iPhone alarm(s) to Homey?

I am also thinking to move my Homey from the living room to my bedroom so I can use the internal speaker. With the Soundboard Homey app I can play sound files (up to 900kb). I downloaded some chirping birds to play in the morning. But as the OP said, I need to create a snooze function as well.

Love all those great ideas with Homey :slight_smile: