The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

Just like the current / old Homey Pro, if there is an Homey App for…
BTW Ther ie a Perfect Topic for the Homey Pro (Early 2023) / aka The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

So Moved!

Hi @Athom,

Considering that there are limitations to the amount of routing devices directly connected to Homey, and considering that first-come-first serve seems to be a design implication of the way (Zigbee) devices are added to Homey, and considering that Homey can be added as a very special kind of routing device:

Can you please indicate if a ‘primary routing device’ editor will become available? It is a pain in the behind to re-create your network as it evolves.

Also: in case migration to HomeyPro2023 is supported, could we at least choose initially which are the routing devices?


PS: not relevant if the amount of direct routing devices is increased dramatically (e.g. 35+)

That’s not how Zigbee works, devices find their own routes.

The issue with the “old” Homey Pro is that it has a limited amount of devices that can connect do it directly, so you want those to be devices that help extend the network (aka routers). The new Homey Pro should be able to support many more directly connected devices so it’s not as necessary to start with routers, or to add additional routers later in time (and possibly force “difficult” end devices to do a “soft” re-pair so that they can find a better route afterwards)

Will the new model be accessible without the internet? in the old model this was not possible
Thank you so much

Ahwwwww… snap! I made a mistake I always warn others for. I asked for a solution rather than state my requirements/wishes. My bad. Renewed learning experience for me…
Indeed: as long as quality and stability of the network is improved, I have no complaints. Maybe more solutions are valid :stuck_out_tongue:

According to the Athom AMA the new Homey(2023) will be reachable directly and not via their cloud. The mobile-app and other devices will firstly reach the Homey via your own network (locally if you are at the same subnet), and if this is not possible it will fall back to go via Athom cloud.

So, yes.

This is great news!!
Thank you

Because Russia can’t reach the cloud?

Yes I can…but I want to manage everything with lan

Still cannot see anything related to my first question - anyone heard any news about shipping dates? The good news when it comes to delays is that athom will have more time for development :thinking:

The only news, is that there is no news about shipping yet, as there initial hope was just before Christmas (which is still 2+ weeks away), it will still take some time before even the first batch is being send.
They did talk about :soon: more news to come in ways of a newsletter (probably), but :soon: has no definitive date, it can be anything between now and Christmas (no year given).


You might monitor (and participate) here: Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Community Order Tracker


Just posted on the Homey Slack :v:


The update is out.

Bad bad News :frowning:

Well, better safe than sorry.
I’ll get through Christmas without as well.
Something nice to look out for in January too…!


I’m to late for the streaming.
I’v bought homey pro in advance. Is there any clue when it will be delivered?

No. Athom assumes that the first batch will be delivered in mid-January. But I wouldn’t count on it. I think that maybe in February the first of us will get a package.

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How many units will be produced every week? I ordered mine a couple of days ago, and really can’t wait to get it :slight_smile:

No one will be able to answer that either, not even Athom. It probably depends on how many boards they get from the Raspberry.