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If backup by ethernet on NAS or pc would be possible? What is the benefit of cloud backups, then? It is on blackfriday - offer, now. But It would ‘not be nice’ if I bought that for 10 years, when not necessary. (I bought advanced flow and now it is included in the Pro 2023 - and i didn’t even have time to do something with it too :frowning: : ‘not nice’ also…).
Is cloud backup necessary for migrating Pro 2019 to Pro 2023?

Thanks for quik reply. But pity to hear.

Yes, cause Homey Pro 2019 (/2016/2018) won’t be getting a local backup option.

I ordered the Pro 2023 already.
Will that get a local backup option then?

As it looks now, it will have that from the start, yes.
Local backup when connected with USB to a computer after putting it in backup mode, so not daily like cloud backups still will be, unless you want to put it into local backup mode daily of course.


Thanks. I would have liked a daily backup over ethternet better, to be honest. The usb backup seems a bit compex tot do often. And the ongoing homey-project is getting bigger and bigger. So cloud backup seems smart. Thanks for the quick answers!

It would be nice to extend the backup frequency or retention.

Last 7 days (as now), one for each of the last 4 weeks, one for each of the the last 3 months.

Would happily paid double to account for the 7 extra backups.



Was thinking about that just the other day. Honestly, I would fit even inside of 7 total. 2-3 dailies 2-3 weekly and monthly would be better distributed in my eyes then pure 7 last days.

For that reason, I do not use auto backup currently, it overwrites backups to fast. I hit backup whenever I change something meaningful and because of that I have like last couple of months backup retention.


One thing I didn’t read here yet is if there will be an improvement in Bluetooth range and stability wich can really terrible with the current Homey.

It’s using the build in BLE chip from the Raspberry Pi CM4. I searched the internet for a test with the range, but i didn’t find it.

I use a Raspi 4 with Home Assistant. Several plant sensors are connected to the Bluetooth. The range is no better or worse, as it is with Homey.

The range is not only up to the Homey (as for all other protocols). The receiving unit must be able to send for the same distance too, and units on battery mostly are not sending more than the 10 meters the standard states (class 2). There is a class 1 with a 100 m range but must be supported by both the Homey and the other unit.

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Mannn can’t wait for the new Homey pro to arrive. My 2018 is full and sluggisch. Cant add anymore apps or so then it just refuses service. I can’t even look at the cpu/ram usage because it will just glitch and closes the app.

Are you sure it’s not just an issue with your power supply?

Don’t think so. Its the original and mynprevious homey died because of a power adapter change so I’m a bit sceptical to try that again;) what I saw when I deleted some apps: it allowed me to view the memory usage and it was full. When I install more apps it will fail to show me the ram usage and crashes the app.

Now you make me curious how many apps you’ve got installed, or that there is just 1 app that is misbehaving.

39 apps

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I still have a Fibaro HC2 so far and now want to switch to homey. I would like to buy the homey pro 2023 as soon as it is available. Can I already start with homey premium and migrate the existing configurations directly to the homey pro?

When Homey premium = Homey beta/cloud/bridge:
no, there is no migration possibility to Homey Pro.

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Does anyone know if the new Homey Pro will support Wi-Fi devices such as TP-Link Tapo, Cleverio, Nedis etc. They use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth