The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

I’m not assuming, I’m reading the datasheet. It says that the CM4 may use 7W. Even if that is only for a few seconds, if your power supply can’t handle it its voltage will drop and so will Homey’s network connection.


Once the first Homey Pros are arriving at people homes, we will know what power supply it has and what the power draw is in idle, whatsoever.
I don’t know how many developers ordered the new homey. Once I get mine and no information’s are out yet, I’ll post everything.

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That’s exactly what “may” means, Homey doesn’t need all the things the CM4 has available and will have that disabled, those things do use power even when not used, all 3 i2c channels for example, the i2S channel, nor both video outs, nor both CSI ports, and I think I can sum up several more things that are disabled from factory, and thus lower the native power consumption.

It depends on usage. The peak power is 10W (adapter is 5V2A) and average power usage is 4W.


So peak power is 10W and the power supply is also 10W?


Is there a new power adapter or its the old one?

It’s a new power adapter.


Is that with the LED on or off?
Since you mentioned in the AMA that the LED iS about/a bitt less than 1 watt.

According to pictures of the adapter it is possible to use any USB-C charger. Good if running into the same issues as some had with the current Homey charger.

As i understood, there is possibility to use other standard USB-C devices to :wink: At the moment a ethernet adapter is only claimed to work, but anyway this means, that there must be a standard USB-C with power delivery. Anyway, nice to hear, as in my personal setup there is one “big power adapter”, which provides power to more than one device. ( 1x220 to shelf and 3+USB to Homey, Netatmo, emergency bat-power radio,…)

The Homey itself has a normal USB-C connector so any power supply should work. Only if you need ethernet instead of WiFi you need to connect the adapter inbetween, but that too should work with any USB-C power supply.
As it looks to me.

Still no FCC entry :frowning:

Anyone know if they can start producing units before the FCC approval?

Just because it isn’t public yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Also not sure why you want to see the FCC trademark, that doesn’t mean anything outside of the U.S.

They might even be able to reuse the Homey Bridge one, as the antenna design is completely the same, just the Z-Wave and zigbee chips used are different, though those aren’t specified in the FCC doc I believe.
And the CM4’s doesn’t change from the native one.

No, they can’t reuse a FCC approval. They told in the last update that the FCC approval is one of the things they are waiting for now…

Anyone heard a shipping date for preorders?

Also, any news on moving devices to the new unit? I understand it can be difficult, but Vera managed to do it. Even a partial migrate would be better than none.

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According to their presentation only Zigbee might become a problem due to change of Zigbee chip manufacturer.

Ok, thanks. I can live with that. My experiences with zigbee (if the id is stored/you don’t remove it when resetting the device) is that they will usually just magically reappear when you add them :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to backup and restore by ethernet als. But preferably to my NAS (Qnap)

This will never happen, as making a local backup needs Homey in a special mode (that you activate with a small button on the bottom) then Ethernet/WiFi isn’t available (or anything else from Homey for that matter), via USB will be the only option.