Testing Homey Bridge Beta

Sorry, now see the difference using the Hue from Pro uses local connections and Hue from Cloud the Hue Cloud.
I didn’t expect that they build two different driver for Pro and Cloud but this explains it.

Guess Athom has to correct that statement in the app description or specify that multiple Hue bridges is is only for Pro.


So it appears that if have two or more hue hubs then the Bridge is not for you.

Because if you more than one hue hub you probably have too many devices and will exceed the 30 zigbee devices.

Given the reduced sub set of supported zigbee and zwave devices it is more of an entry level hub.

Is there an easy migration from a Bridge to a Pro because as the Bridge owner expands usage they will need to use a Pro hub.

The easy migration consists of complete rebuilding by adding devices to the Pro and creating all flows.

There is no backup and restore or migration possible now and probably never will be.
(Due to multiple internal differences)

Mmmmm I suspect that will be resolved in time.

If Bridge is an entry level hub then it would best for Athom to make transition to a more capable hub such as the Pro.

I don’t want to bet on that it will be possible within 3 years. The differences in flow cards in the core and the sometimes complete different implementations in one app for Homey vs the Pro make it almost impossible for Athom to support it with apps from other developers. (Brands)

Oh dear…

Supported Zigbee functionality for Bridge and Pro is exactly the same, don’t expect the Pro to support more devices or Zigbee features than the Bridge (the limitation is the rather outdated Zigbee chip that Athom uses for both the Pro and the Bridge).

If I understand correctly, it is not the number of zigbee/zwave devices but the variety of devices that are supported on the Bridge.

Are zwave devices also limited to about 30 also on the Bridge and Pro?

That comes down the the number of apps that are supported on the Bridge, which is indeed (far) less than what the Pro supports. But the Pro won’t support more (in terms of number connected) Zigbee devices than the Bridge does.

Z-Wave isn’t as limited as Zigbee (on either device), I don’t know the exact limit though.

I really like the way Homey works, like the interfaces, the energy tracking is great especially at a time when many are seeing energy costs doubling/trebling!

I have some testing I want to do, but the limitation of only being able to control half my lighting and not being able to control my heating system is a show stopper.

But has given me hope to be able to perhaps get a Homey Pro and try again.

@robertklep thank you for all your info!

Just chiming in here, does the heating system have an API?
reason I’m asking I have a Node-Red (NR) installation running in tandem next to Homey(pro), I use NR to input data into homey for items that have no app or are difficult to setup in homey…
Since the Hue hub has an API this setup could also work for Homeybridge to a certain extent

Is there some kind of roadmap page available to checkout what kind of devices will be supported in the future? On the status page I can see the supported devices at this time, but I would like to know if for example Tuya and Honeywell will be developed in the near future.

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Athom usually does not communicate much before it is ready.
Only way could be contacting support directly

Besides, Athom is betting Honeywell and Tuya will want to develop it themselves, which is not something Athom can plan.

If you see a community developer built the Pro app, don’t count on it being supported for the bridge any time soon.

@johan_bendz is working on Homey Bridge support for the Tuya Zigbee app (because even though Athom talks big words about “brand-only” for Homey Cloud/Bridge, they also see that Tuya devices are very popular and they really can’t miss out on support for the Bridge just because of principles).


I have a question, when is the end of Beta Testing expected?


I don’t think even Athom knows that.



Does anyone have a problem with MI or Aqara switches?
I can’t create a Flow by simply turning the switch on or off, I only have the option to integrate the battery level.
I have suspicions that this is a problem with the beta test of the software: /

I really think the Aqara software is fine as it is. It is not in beta test, but Homey cloud itself is…

But, you can alway ask the dev, and check if your switch is supported: Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)