Test the IR led signal

How can i test if the homey ir-led’s working?
I try to control my Harman Kardon audio system with the homey. But during te setup de controls don’t work.

Use the camera on your phone

Won’t work on (some) iPhones…

It works, the ir-led’s are blinking. That’s the nice part.
But my stereo doesn"t react…

Then the selected ‘remote’ isn’t compatible I think…

I have to say the IR is a bit fuzzy.
An Arris 2952 tv box worked fine until 6 months ago.
My tv also doesn’t respond anymore, but my receiver does…
Nothing was moved or anything.
I’m keeping the Broadlink and Tuya wifi-2-IR units in the loop :upside_down_face:

got the same problem, is there a fix for this?

No. Write to Athom I’d suggest.

Can be the Homey too. Controled my ziggo next box with my early 2016. When i switched to a Pro it doesn’t work anymore

Hey, that’s something to question Athom about…

Use the next app now. Less possibilities, but works fine. Think the leds are not located well