Tesla app credentials problem

Sinds update to version 5.00 rc 62 not possible to login with credentails for Mtb model s.

Previeus versions Also problems with login out after app restart. Same message wrong paswoord.

Dit an app reinstall en now i cant login.

Hoop update for the app soon.

Contact Athom,

Not related to RC 62, Tesla has changed their backend. There’s a community store app which has been fixed already (but I don’t know if it has the same feature set).

The app worked in version 5. Community store is charge app. Can not find a other one

In that case, do what @JPe4619 suggested and contact Athom: support@athom.com

Yes, the “Tesla Smart Charger” app has been updated to handle the new Tesla backend.

And Athom has to do the same to the official “Tesla” app. More and more users will loose connection as their security token expires.

PS: The “Tesla Smart Charger” is not just for charging the car :slight_smile:

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I just send Athom a message. Wil you do the same ?
Than we will have a quick solution

And will that be, by any chance, a Thai massage?

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Sry :blush:


Got response And is a community app. The problem is with the app not homey ore Athom

Meanwhile, the app has disappeared from the app store… :flushed:

No, I can stil find it :s

Giving a 404 error for me: https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/com.tesla/Tesla/

just switch to the new app. Does all the old did and more


I switcht to de community app en This works fine! Thx

I also just found out that the old tesla app no longer works and has completely disappeared from the face of the earth unfortunately. I have tested the new Tesla Smart Charger but it does not work for me. After logging in nothing happens.

I using the new app en it works fine.
Tesla is preheating when it’s freezing.

I’m trying to make a flow we’re the inside temp always changes en stays whitin 5 degrees lower Dan outside when it’s to hot. Then the airco wil use les power en better for the body. But struggling whit the flow setup