Tesla app on 3.2 working?


After a couple of days the Tesla app looses connection to my Tesla. Does the app need an upgrade?

Lots of apps have similar issues, where long-living connections to their managed devices get lost after a few days. Typically, a restart of the app fixes it, so worth a try with the Tesla app too.

Known issue; create a daily scheduled restart of the app to prevent it.


Made a restart of the app flow, and I am hoping that will work.

Did this fix the problem for you? I had the same issue and set up a restart flow that restarted the app ten minutes after I got the “No access to your Tesla account” alert, but it seems very frequent; yesterday it triggered like 30 times in a few hours so I disabled the flow…

Yesterday Tesla had issue’s with their accountservers, so that could be the reason why the flow was triggered so frequent.

Yes, after I made the restart app twice a day flows, the app is much more stable.

I connected tesla to homey but i cannot see possibilites for preheat and other alternatives. Is this not possible?

It is possible.

When button pressed
Then Airco ON

I also have a notification sent to my mobile.
And in another flow a Siri Shortcut to a webhook to “press” the button.