Teptron MOVEZ (Z-Wave) and Homey

I’m a registered beta tester for Teptron MOVEZ, and I’ve just got my tracking number for the test units, which will arrive early next week.
These AFAIK have both Bluetooth like MOVE, and Z-Wave. I believe this is the only unit they’ll focus on in the future.

Is there any way I can add this unit now, like a “standard” roller blind motor?
If not - is there an easy way to get started with an app?

I did get a 433 relay app working based on Brel, but that was the old SDK, and I never really finalized the app, as there probably wouldn’t be much interest.
(My intention was to create a tutorial, which I still might, but AFAIK the SDK2 was supposed to make it simpler to make apps anyways?)

I don’t have a problem at all with trying to create support for it, if it’s fairly straight forward, but I don’t want to create an app if there’s gonna be an official one in the near future.

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Try this: https://apps.developer.athom.com/tutorial-Z-Wave.html
when you Include the Movez as a z-wave device, the necessary parameters are show.

Cool, thanks! That’ll make it easier :blush:

I’m moving this to the developer forum.


Did you get it working?
I received my beta MOVEZ last week but just started testing today.

I added it as a basic Z-wave device and it works! The only thing is that there is only one ON/OFF “button” in the basic device interface. So when I press it the MOVEZ either opens or closes the blinds. I cannot choose direction manually.

I tried adding it as a basic device, but it wouldn’t do anything when pressing the button. I would like to dive into creating an app for it, but I’m no pro at this.

I’m not too impressed with the device though, but I’m willing to give it a chance. It struggles with my 180cm wide blinds… Double-sided tape will definitely not be enough, it will have to be fastened with screws (mount included). Unfortunately there is no way to adjust it so you can tension the loop, because it will have to be very tight to get enough power to the large blinds. Solar will probably never work for my use.

For me it works at least, for basic usage.
But I have not even installed it with actual blinds, I have only tried out the motor. I will do some real testing soon.

I would also like to create and app, but I am probably at a similar level as you :slight_smile:

I am hesitant to spend a lot of time on it right now since I want to see IKEAs smartblinds first. They might cover most of my needs.

That the thing! MOVEZ is a bit disappointing, but I can use the two units I ordered on my smaller bedroom blackout windows.
I have 250cm of window with on the living room (175 + 75) so IKEA can’t cover that. But I would be willing to do 100+80+80 if it would be possible to modify those 80s to 75cm.
Officially I don’t think you can, but hopefully someone will figure out how to shorten them. The price is so low, and the whole thing seems so convenient that I’d rather have IKEAs solution.
I’ve heard rumors about August being the release month now. Will have Google/Alexa support from launch

As an update, I haven’t really done anything more as the Movez product isn’t quite what I expected. Seems like they’re considering offering Move 2 for the backers instead?

I got it working as a basic Z-wave device through Homey, but as an “on/off” device rather than three buttons.

Btw, Movez is supposed to also support Bluetooth, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

I have got an beta device for testing. Has anybody manage to get it to work good with homey? Or anyone working on an app?