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Smart Blinds and Homey

This is kind of an overspill of my curtains thread… Looking for a blond solution that works with Homey

I’ve actually bought a Teptron Move from eBay but ignoring the fact that the batteries don’t work so it needs to go back, it a) seems to after a few uses lose the grip on my cord (straight cord in a loop) and b) doesn’t integrate with Homey

So what solutions are out there?
Looked at Somfy but the only ones I can find for less than a fortune seem to be IR which isn’t ideal or require their own hub rather than Homey…

Anything out there?

-SOmfy RTS modules will connect to Homey and allow control, but as the RF communication is 1 way, you get no feedback on blind position.
-Standard 240v motor with manual inputs and use a z-wave motor module. This is the best option as it will give you total control over the blind, plus position identification and even power usage. And as it is z-wave will help to improve your z-wave networks RF resilience and range, and give you the ability to use direct associations, eg for a remote.
I am sure there are other options, but these are 2 most common.

Can you advise (examples) for the second option?