Do devices like this that work with Homey exist?

Do devices like this like this that work with Homey exist?

here you can see all the devices that work with homey.

I have the Teptron move. Still need to buy rechargable batteries (normal batteries die in weeks, because there is always a Bluetooth connection open) and connect the solar cell.

There is no way to control them yet through Homey. I have been thinking about sending 1 or 2 of them to Athom so they can make an app, but didn’t take time to discuss that yet.

Are they still working correctly for you? Here I have removed the move’s months ago because they are so terribly unreliable…

I have some problems with them. For one, the batteries died (and I only used them like 3 times, but it has been weeks/months).
Also my curtains aren’t completely straight so not all of them can be moved.

So no real experiences here and I am doubtful if I’m going to use them at all, or if I’m just going for a more expensive solution (like Somfy)

Tried to get them working normal via their own mobile-app, they keep living their own live, going sometimes up and down on their own, even after re-installing the firmware, on questions they don’t answer and the Z-Wave version (MOVEZ) stil not exists. Bad charging batteries from solar panels. In short, I don’t recommend Move.

Old thread but the hell with it. I have a Teptron Move and just ordered the Homey and going to see if it controls it but for the time being it’s running on schedule, or so it should.

If you ever dare to move the blinds via app or buttons on the unit, it throws the whole schedule out. For example, I have them set to open 7am and close 5pm. 3 weeks ago the wife wanted the blind down a bit so I put them to halfway via app, they didn’t fully close until 11pm and reopened that night at midnight, reset the whole unit which didn’t do a thing, reset again and cancel all schedules and remove device from app and set it all back up, that got it going again. Last week my son used the buttons on it and it threw it again so I’ve cancelled schedules and just doing it by app or buttons now. Still knows when to stop at open or close. Going to see if I can get Homey to work on it when it turns up.

When they release their z-wave version (MOVEZ) I’m going to get just one and see if it’s improved because otherwise it has a good lift strength, is quiet enough and does a good job if it wants to play ball. Let you know how it goes.

There is no app yet. Since they use Bluetooth, it’s probably quite hard to create an app.

I still have to buy rechargable batteries and connect the solar power to connect them. My normal batteries went empty way too fast, didn’t use the Moves (3 of them) at all. But probably they are actively listening to Bluetooth signals 24/7.

If Athom wants to build an app, I can send a unit over for full investigation. I’m not using it (at the moment.)

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