Temporarily disable mo toon sensors

In my kitchen the Light stays on via motion detection via two Aeotec Sensor 6 devices.

Also, the curtain in the kitchen draws and opens pending on sun position.

When the curtain close at night, the sensor detect movement and switch on the lights…

How can I disable these sensor to avoid this unwanted behaviour? Or, does anyone else have a suggeztion that coukd help?


If possible, adjust the sensitivity of the sensors because it’s a bit strange that they react to curtains closing (“motion” sensors don’t react to motion, but to “moving heat”). Or temporarily disable the flows that turn on the lights, until the curtains are closed.

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That was it @robertklep
Guess they were set to sensitive!

Thanks for your help!

I love using variable.
When the flow for closing the curtains in the night is triggered, you can set a yes/no variable in the Then… section. Ad a delay of some seconds for closing the curtains, so that the variable is definitely switched before the curtains are closing.
This variable must also be added to the flow for turning on the light in the And… section.
With the flow for opening the curtains in the morning, the variable must be set back again.

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Clever solution!
Adjusting the sensibility was the easiest way for me.

Thanks for this alternative.