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I have created a couple of flows that should not be difficult to perform. I want to complicate it latter however I can’t seen to get this easy part working correctly as yet. These two flows are turn on driveway lights and turn off driveway lights. I am using an Aeotec Multisensor 4 in 1and an Aeotec Smart Switch. So the first flow is

So to turn of the lights it’s basically the opposite.

This works sometimes going on and sometimes not.
Same for turning the lights off. Sometimes they turn off automatically,others not. What can I do? This should be simple, shouldn’t it?

Have you checked that you Motion-Sensor is working correct > Did you see the Motion-Alarm on the Device-Card of your Motion-Sensor?

why not turn the light off in the first flow with a delay of a few minutes

Because that would leave people in the dark after x seconds? :wink:

Yes the motion sensor is showing.

It would go dark after x seconds but wouldn’t it restart again with movement. I can see that as having the same effect as the two flows combined. How do I do this? It’s worth a try.

Nope not always. Because if the alarm goes on the light turns on. After 5 seconds it will ALWAYS kill the light. So if someone is moving right after 5 seconds the light will turn on again. But if someone moved just before the light will still go off.

So that is something you don’t want, I guess.

No you are correct. It would not be the best solution then

I don’t know why but the lights seem to be working now without a problem. I’ll post my next problem soon.

I was wrong. It is playing up again. Bob, or anyone, how do I set up the lights to stay on for say 5 minutes? Please see previous flow and help me add the 5 minute addition. I can’t think of any way of making it work even though it probably won’t be perfect as Jeroen_Somhorst commented.

Did you use the search option on the forum?

Why not making use of a timer? for example

You can solve this by using the app countdown. Make a variable set it to x minutes. When the variable is -1 the light will turn off, you have to make a flow for that process.

Hi Bob ,
I’m only new at this. Could you please give me more detailed instructions on doing this please and maybe a picture of flow. Sorry but I must not be that bright.

install theCountdown app
Add a counter at more…settings…countdown…and give it the name e.g. driveway.

make 3 flows

  1. IF motion alarm is goes on AND lights are off AND sunset is true THEN turn on lights. THEN stop driveway counter
    ELSE stop driveway counter

  2. IF driveway counter is empty THEN turn off the lights.

  3. IF motion alarm goes off THEN turn driveway counter to e.g. 60 sec.

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Here is an (dutch) example. First install the app countdown and set a variable, like @seiko described.
With this variable you turn the light off when it has counted down.
The advantage of using this is that the light only turns off when there is no movement anymore.

Your approach maybe works but I think when you are going to have a party your lights wil go off.
because if erverybody is jumping the motion sensor does not go off…in the meantime your counter is going to be zero and you are in the dark.

And its not logical to turn on your light when they are already on, each time your motion sensor alarm goes on

I must have done something wrong because the lights just stay on now.

Unfortunately my Dutch is non existent. I’m not understanding I’m sorry.

yes then something is wrong, if you show what you have done then we also know :thinking:

Hi Seiko,
I think it is working now. I will test it over the next few nights and let you know how I go. Thanks Glenn

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