Temperature sensor for boiler


I have a 500L boiler/buffer tank at home and I want to control the temperature of the house through Homey. However I want to be able to read the temperature of the boiler to know if I need to start extra heating. The boiler has special temperature sensor holes.

After searching for a long time I found that Fibaro has a smart implant that can add an external temperature sensor that can be placed inside the boiler. However its a bit technical and its using zwave. While the rest of my house is Zigbee.

After searching further I found several Tuya wifi based temperature sensors however, that makes the reading cloud dependant. I dont want to make the heating of my house dependant on the cloud. Does anybody know any alternatives on the Fibaro smart implant?

Qubino switches also have an option to connect an external temperature sensor, but they are also Z-Wave and not cheap. But if you need also a switch to control your boiler, maybe that’s a option.

Shelly Plus with temperature sensor?



I’m using for the boiler, kettle and other things several BleBox tempsensor. Works great with homey without any cloud or so. tempSensor - BleBox

Thanks for the replies, by the looks there are several alternatives to Fibaro. Both cheap and pricy. I will look into the various products.