Tado thermostat and homey

Hi I just replaced my Toon for a Tado thermostat with radiator knobs from Tado and I have city heating. I just noticed that after I added the Tado I do not see the power or heat usage for the house in Homey or in the Tado app. I would like to see this in a overview so you got see how much power and heat you used in hours, days, weeks, months, years.

Does anyone have a idea how I got realize this with Tado and Homey so that I have a overview of this usage?
Thank you for thinking with me.

Tado has no way to know how much energy is being used. It can show you how long the heating has been on but it has no way to know the power consumption of you system.

Okay that’s strange. I was thinking Tado got do that to☹ But how to make the usages of the power and heat visible with homey?

I think I see a solution for that a YouLess sensor.