Switching multiple dimmers ON and OFF without a delay, is it possible?

Hello, Why there is delay between cards in my very simple flow? I have 8 Nexa Cmr101 dimmers in flow and it takes always 16 seconds to process this flow. Dimmers are swithed on one by one with a delay, why not all are switced on at the same time? Delay property in all cards is switched off.

It looks like those are 433Mhz devices. Homey can only send one signal at a time, and typically, such signals have to be repeated a number of times, hence the 2-second delay between each dimmer.

If these devices support multiple codes to listen to, it might be possible to create an “All Dimmers” device with a new code that each of your dimmers can learn. That way, Homey only has to send one signal for all devices.

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Yes these are 433 MHz devices, Nexa CMR-101 (KliikAanKlikUit ACD-100). It would be nice to have feature “Turn On All Dimmers”. These dimmers are supporting 8 different codes to teach on them. At the moment it’s very annoying to wait all dimmers to turn on. Who could implement this feature, Homey personnels or who?

Probably you yourself. I don’t have any of these devices so I’m only guessing, but I seem to remember from the KlikAanKlikUit app that you get the app to create a unique code that the device can learn. That’s what you need for your situation too:

  • add a new dimmer device and let the app generate a unique code
  • put your dimmers in “learn” mode and have them learn that code (typically, at least with KaKu, the “Turn On” signal is enough for the device to learn)