Switch Homey automatically


I have two Homey’s: One at work and one at home. Can you please implement a function in the app which switches automatically to the Homey where I am? (for example in the same wifi network).

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I have 3 Homeys at home, which one to switch to?

I guess this feature will have a switch. Or even better: Maybe there is a flow-action in future to switch to another Homey?

…or even better. To couple several Homeys directly with each other.

Why do you have 3 homeys? :o

Maybe a production, a test and a spare one?:sunglasses: :beers:

Homey 1 will reboot Homey 2 if it crashes. Homey 2 will reboot Homey 3 if it crashes. Homey 3 will reboot Homey 1 if it crashes.



That, and: Homey one on experimental firmware that isn’t stable, Homey two on official firmware that isn’t stable, and Homey 3 on the firmware that was last stable. :wink:

Actually Homey 1 is on 3.1.0 haha. With an uptime of 5 months.


judging from the public discussion here, I may have put my request in the wrong place. I have not found an official contact possibility from Athom to request such improvement suggestions. Can someone give me the correct address?


What gives you that idea :clown_face:
Try the contact form on the main website? Or the link in the app in settings?

Btw i have 4 homey’s. For no apparent reason though. I just bought every new version.

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But u don’t have all versions!

Correct :disappointed_relieved:
My inlaw has the others now


Oh OK I admit I don’t have the very early adopter version. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And another one missing?
There are 4 official versions :wink:

Very early adopter, early adopter, pre- beta, beta, v1, v1 2nd, v1 without mic, v2, v2 2nd, pro ?

Still one missing!