Multiple V2 Homey Accounts

Hi all,

I have searched high and low and cannot find an answer, so I am hoping someone from the community can assist…

I have 2 Homeys - one at home and one at work - each has a different login (email). I am trying to figure out how to add my 2nd work Homey to the V2 Homey app.

On the app “More” tab - I can select my home Homey (under my account icon) - This brings me to “Select a Homey” - when I press the + icon in the top right - it wants to setup a new Homey - however my Homey is already setup and functioning - I simply want to add my 2nd Homey to the list rather than setup a new Homey.

I hope that makes sense… I am sure I am missing something simple, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out the process…

Thanks in advance,


Have you tried adding your work email addresses used on your work homey to your home Homey as a family member?

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From the work Homey you need te send ab invite link to the private Homey. Accept that invitr link while logved on i the private account. Both need to run homey fw v2 to usw them in the v2 app


Thank you both… worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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Hey people,

I am a bit of a newbie here. I was searching for a question like this, and apparently this is the only thread :stuck_out_tongue:
I want to add my second homey to the other account too, I hate having to switch all the time, by logging in and out :-S
I was looking in the app, but I can’t find any ‘more’ option in there!? Is that only in the 2.0 version?
Does the invite by email solve this problem!? And how do I send an invite to the other homey then!?

thx n grt Boris

Oops, sorry, I finally sorted it out and now it worked! :smiley:
That invite option first didn’t work, but just now it did :wink:

Hey, how do you change the app between two or more homeys? :slight_smile:
Just logout/login?

Go in the app to more… Then click on your Homey’s name, there you can choose between each Homey that is linked to your account

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