Sun rise/set times in Date & Time early available?

For control purposes I like to have the sun rise/set times in Date & Time earlier then the moment of action.
Active in flows or simple visually.

In other app they are early available but cant be used in the flows.
They are also giving different time values so using them both is not giving the right control.

You mean these?

For example when you want it to trigger 30 minutes before the sun rises:

Yes, I use them daily in my flows.

But that’s the only moment that you can get the sun rise/set times with the 0 minutes value.
Where is that card get the sun rise/set times and can we get it from there.

So you would to know now at what time today the sun sets? In a logic THEN card? To you can store that time in a variable?
Maybe you can scetch your use case, so I can understand your goal?
Sunrise is already available:

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Oops :flushed:

It seems that I have looked to the wrong tag block to find the sun rise/set values. The logic one.
An quick test and variables I already used are OK now.