Stop at flow a specific time

Might be a simple question, but i cannot seem to find the answer. I have my lights in my garden turn on at 15 minutes before sunset, i want the lights to turn off at 01:00 at night. I have tried to use date&time β†’ when the time is later then 01:00, but this does not seem to do the trick. Can anyone tell me how i can sort this?

Why time is later then 01:00 ? This is not a trigger moment.
Use the Time is 01:00 and it will work.

That is the one i cannot see under time& date … i was looking for that one :slight_smile:

Your looking for cards in the β€œAND” of the flow, you should look for time cards in the β€œIF” part of the flow.

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As @JPe4619 and @Rmb already mentioned:

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Thanks a lot.

For future challenges: At the support pages lots of info is to be found:

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