Suggestions for: Digital wall switch analog when Homey is unavailable


I currently have E27 and GU10 Tradfri lights connected to my Homey which is working great.
Now my partner wants to use regular wall switches, instead of using the Homey app. I found some information about KlikAanKlikUit wall switches. It’s possible to create flows to enable/disable the lights which could work but,
My question is: Is it possible to have a wall switch that becomes analog when Homey is not available and is digital when it is available?

The reason I ask is: When Homey doesn’t work for some reason, I want to be able to switch the lights on/off by the regular wall switch.

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you can use klikaanklik uit wall switches to start a flow or turn the lights on. It possible to use your homey for this. And homey keeps working with the switches also when there is no internet connection

That’s not what’s being asked, though: the question is if the KaKu wall switches will still function if Homey itself is not working.

Well, you can use a philips hue bridge together with hue ligths and a dimmer. It will all work if homey shuts down. And you can use homey to switch those lights as well.

But you have tradfri lights. You can use a motion sensor from the tradfri series, its is connected to a tradfri light directly, or is it? That will keep working after homey is belly up.

Or use a product like the shelly 1 and what have you, to switch those lights on/off. Then the tradfri features are of less use. But it will work.

Fibaro switch. Can be switched with Homey and when connected to a regular switch or momentary switch it can be controlled without Homey.


I Use (a lot of) KAKU switches that are mounted behind my old 1930’s-style wall switches. That way vsitors/guest can operate the lights like there’s no automation at all. and I can operate my house through Homey, Home kit and Siri. And if Homey somehow is offline the switch still works

The Kaku dimmer-switches AWMD-230 works fine with Homey.
The AWMR-210 or AWMR-230 are on/off switches that work fine with homey

I don’t know how these kaku-switches behave with Tradfi lights. I don’t have them yet. I’m planning a visit to Ikea next week to get me some for trying out.

Hey, I remember seeing you can connect tradfri lights to a philips bridge as well.
(I have hue lights, but have a ikea tradfri motion sensor connected to it)

Hi all!

Thanks for the suggestions.

I am going with the KaKu wall switches with the corresponding receivers.
The KaKu switches will work without Homey if Homey is unavailable (I can pair them). Also I can ask homey to use the same sender signal that the wall switches send out to the receivers.

That way they’re both sending the same signal.

I will let you know if it turned out as I expected!


We use the Tradfri switches from IKEA with the Tradfri lights.
We have removed the original switches in the walls and connected the wires. Then we put a cover where the switch was. The Tradfri switch is taped to that cover.

Now we can use those switches to turn on the Tradfri lights and, depending on the kind of lights, we can also change the color and intensity.