How to activate flows with a normal wall switch

Hi there all,

I bought a few days ago Tradfri smart lights at IKEA.
everything works fine till i want to use my wall switch…
the lights need always 230V on it and with the switch you turn it off.

Now my idea is to use a normal wall switch to activate a flow through homey.
How can i make that happen?

normal Switch No/Nc
Tradfri (Zigbee) lights

Other idears are welcome to!

sorry for my bad english.

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Hi Zuur,

This is possible with the sender of Kaku:

and (of course) the corresponding kaku app:


Hi Matrover,

Thanks for the good suggestion!
do you know if there are senders with 230v connection. no battery’s . i searched at klikaanklikuit but couldn’t find it.

They don’t have that in the KAKU start line

Can’t you just use a Fibaro switch behind the wall-mounted-switch, and bypass the currect to the tradfi bulbs so they always have power? Pressing the swicth will be noticed by Homey so you can start a flow toggling the tradfi bulbs.

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I think that will be the solution! Thx @Le_Cactus!

Well, wiring it like that has 2 problems/issues:
-if you dont put it in series with the fibaro switch it only works if homey, AND your flow works, in series it will work directly afaik, so even when homey is down.

  • you wont be able to cut the power in the room.
    So if you paint the room, unscrewing the fixture you would have to turn off the main bracket of the house to unpower it. Or you might get shocked. And if im correct it actually isnt even legal following the building rules (Bouwbesluit in the Netherlands)

I had a similar topic recently:

I dont have a homey yet tho, so not quite sure, but i do know some electronics

Hi @Ronald_N,

Thx for the reply i never see this post before.
I like the large discribe about his situation.
Its just like my setting.
And at the end he will use fibaro for the switch. Not bad. :grin:

I like the suggestion about the milights! Even if homey is not online the lights will switch.

But i had already buyed the tradfri lights.

I will go for the fibaro switch 2v and put my lights on permanent 230v.

To connect everything will not be a probleme i am electrician to. :wink: