Ikea Tradfri on/off switch switches on random devices in all zones


I have linked 3 IKEA tradfri on/off switches (directly to Homey, no gateway) and created some flows that ar connected to the short on or off press events. 2 of these switches are linked to flows that control a smart thermostat (high temp for on, low temp for off), but then they also turn on or off a few other zigbee devices which are not linked to these flows. The 3rd switch is connected to flows that turn on or off 4 lights in the living room. But they also turn on or off a few other zigbee devices.
If I directly run the flows that are connected to the on or off buttons I get the results that I would normally expect, but starting them with the on/off switches has these side effects.
Has anyone noticed similar behaviour with on/off switches and how can I prevent this from happening?

I am not sure wether this behaviour is a bug in the IKEA Tradfri app or a bug in the Homey Zigbee stack, but it makes the switches currently unusable for me.

Did you also connect the Switches also direct with a device? (Direct Bind)
like described here:

I know the different devices use the same group ID,
Pls contact Athom support, is is a bug in the IKEA app

I didn’t know of this direct binding before, so haven’t configured that on purpose. Same group ID’s might give a clue. I will look into this. Thnx