Tradfri remote works without flows?


First time here. I did my best to search for my question but didn’t find the answer.

I just turned to Homey bridge. I have a lot of tradfri remotes and bulbs. I would like to use the remotes. Is it possible to ad them and let them work as they do in Tradfri-gateway without any flows? There will be so many flows…

Afaik you can pair the remotes directly with the light(s) you’d like to switch
If you add them to Homey, you’ll have to create flows to be able to control things.

how do I pair them? I tried but ended up that they disapered from the homey app

Follow instructions I would say. I don’t have those devices.
Pairing Ikea devices can be a nerve-testing procedure I read often. Just repeat steps until you win😉.

I don’t know if this works with Homey, but you can try the “regular” method of pairing a remote with a light for Tradfri: add the remote to Homey, then pair the remote with the light by pressing the pairing button on the remote for about 10 seconds after powering on the light.

If that doesn’t work (properly), it’s probably not possible to create a “direct” connection between the remotes and the lights and you need flows for all of them (at least when using Homey’s Zigbee implementation).

i gonna try once again but I don’t think that work.

I think its to much “flow-work”. Turn on/off, adjust temp, %, and so on. Or is there a fast way for this?

Jonathan, I have around 600 flows now. It takes time and affort to build it.
At you can copy flows, and duplicate flowcards, and “swap” flowcards. If you get the hang of it, you can create a pack of similiar flows pretty fast.