Store current time in variable


My solar Goodwe have a bug that they sometimes don’t get into action. Now I want to create a flow which sends me a notification when they there is no power 30 minutes after the time they started the day before so I can reboot the system.

Is there a way to store a time (the time they start) in a variable and use it the day after in a flow to check?

Hi Thea,

The time can easily be saved to a variable,
Screenshot from 2024-03-02 06-31-36

but to use it as a time condition is not easy without Homeyscript (as far as I know)
But, I got this idea using the Sun Events app, the flow automatically determines if the panels should produce power but don’t, it then sends a push message:

Azimuth & altitude wiki

Thank you @Peter_Kawa , I will start experimenting with this. I am also wondering if I should consider the weather, because when it’s cloudy that might influence the moment the solar panels switch on as well

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You can also use a light sensor.
First check the brightness at which solar production starts. Then you can create a flow:
If brightness > 50 lx and power < 1 W, then reboot the inverter.
Perhaps with an additional condition, e.g. it is after sunrise.

I don’t think it will start later. It just produces less power when cloudy.

Because, when you’ve determined and entered the right Azimut value and the minimum altitude value, your panels should produce some power, even if it’s cloudy.
When they don’t, it probably needs to be restarted.

Did you inform the seller also? The inverter is malfunctioning imho…
While my inverter never has to be restarted.


That’s already provided for with the Azimut and Altitude conditions :wink:

Thank you for your reply @DirkG , but I am a bit hesitant in just buying extra sensors to reach my goals. My first aim is to get it done without spending extra money.

Please excuse me, but I don’t know which devices you’re already using and which not. It was just a suggestion, nothing more.