Stop ‘test’ button


I just made a flow to remind me to watering the plants. I want to make the led ring blue pulsating voor 540 minutes. When I test the flow its working. But when I save or delete the flow, the test is still running. I can’t also reset the led ring in the settings. Can you make a stop test button or something?

Just a thought:
What happens if you create and run another test flow where you let it pulsate for 1 second?
Maybe it will overwrite the 540 minute flow which is running in the background…
Otherwise perhaps reboot Homey or wait it out? :thinking:

The Led Ring will continue with the animation until the time is up. If you start an other animation while the first animation is running it will just run the new animation instantly and then continue the first animation.
Wait it out or restart your Homey to stop it.

strange…i wonder how that flow that you nade looks? looks more like some loop you have created

Normally you should be able to change the ledring at settings

Imho the best solution would be to set a variable (var1) with the press of a button with

flow 1:
when this flow is started and (var1 = false) then
-rotate led-ring for 55 seconds,
-start “flow 1” with a delay of 60 seconds
flow 2:
when Virtual button is pressed then
-set var1 = true
-set var1 = false with a delay of 5 minutes

Then after you watered the plants, you may push the virtual button and within one minute the ledring stops. After 5 minutes you might get another signal for watering the plants until you press the button again. Of course the same could be achieved with a timer :slight_smile:

Best way in the future is to test with a shorter period. For testing this should be sufficient to see the behavior of the flow. Then, as soon as the flow works as wanted, change the value to the real one.