Advanced flow - long press button dimmer - Any ideas?


i trying to dim hue lights with a ikea trafri remote dimmer that supports long press button.
I found some info in this forum but they are not about the advanced flows.

So can somebody help me out with some ideas in the new advanced flow so i can din the spots while keeping the button pressed en stop dimming when i release the button.


I am having the same question.
I have a flow that starts but it won’t stop, it gets stuck in a loop.
Homey disables it after 60 runs wich is good to do.

But how do I make the homey know that the button is no longer pressed anymore.

I have thought of a work arround:

When the user presses long on the on button the flow starts:

In the flow it tells 2 logic cards what is it doing, turn light up or turn light down and the second logic card it tells the flow that is busy with dimming.

When this flow is running it checks if it needs to turn up the light or turn down and after that it will check if the light is 100% with the smaller than 1 or the light is 0% with the greater than 0 . If you do not check for the greater or smaller than the flow will loop and be stopped after 60 times by Homey.

When the user presses short on the on or of button again the logic card will change so that the dimming is stopped.

Hope this will help others.