Namron 8K and Dimmer 2-pol how to get it to dim down and up in homey flows

I wonder what to do,
I have a Namron zigbee 8K switch and several Namron zigbee dimmer 2-pole pucks. I want to be able to turn on and dim up with the same button 1 and turn off and dim down with button 2. everything is added in Homey pro without problems. I get to switch on and pre-set to the selected %. dont want that.I want to for example press 1 time turn on, press and hold dim´s up and opposite when turn off. someone knows? I have played around in Advanced flow

Very similar to this post :upside_down_face:

Has no one managed this before?
then the Homey developers have something to think about.

I have done a test. I have paired all the pills with a 4K switch according to the instructions from Namron, it works absolutely fantastic, but then I had to take them out from homey. and cannot put them back in without resetting the pills and the 4 K switch. a big minus… :frowning: