Dimming the lights up and down, from the switch trough flow

I’m having trouble dimming the lights up and down, from the switch, when that being said, I don’t know how, I’m changing from an older wireless lighting controller system, similar to Eaton XComfort.
I can’t figure out how I’m gone make a flow that’s tells the light to dim up and down when the switch I long pressed, Lights is Sunricher box dim that’s I’ve addended trough Philips hue, and because of design I ended up with Heat it z wave switch.
On and of a certain light value I’ve got figured out, but not dimming up and down from the switch trough av flow In homey, I did found a tutorial in her, but the flows where in Dutch I think so couldn’t under stand the flows.
Cloud any one help out here?

AFAIK that functionality is lacking in Homey.
you can buid a flow which increases the light with say 5% on every button scene, like the longpress scene.
But you’ll have to longpress time after time until the preferred dimlevel is reached.

Example with a normal switch (while no scene buttons here):

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