Exiting an advanced flow by pushing a physical HUE button

hi guys

I created a flow that gradually increases a HUE light bulb in my sleeping room for waking me up.
it increases the luminosity in 4 steps to 20%.

the thing is, when I wake up at e.g. 10% and push the off-button on my HUE dimmer, the bulb turns off (expected) but the flow keeps going on after that and turns the light on again, increasing gradually to 20%.

how can I exit the flow if I push the HUE dimmer button? all I can find is a ‘turn off the flow’ card, which totally disables the flow which is not what I’m looking for.

thanks a lot!

If you use the dim to button you can right click on the card. Then you can set the duration. In your case 5 minutes. The lamp will dum to 20% in 5 minutes. You can switch the light off with the button. I don’t know for sure but I presume the light will stay off

You may try to disable the flow, but I am not sure the flow will abort. Otherwise you have to add some checks in your flow at several places if the button is pressed, and then exit the flow.

First of all, this is completely wrong:

The flow card Vandaag… is no trigger card, it’s an condition card (And…).
Two trigger cards connected to a ALL card never works, because to different trigger will never be triggered at the exact same time (please also have a look at the topic [FAQ][Advanced Flow] Infinite canvas. Infinite creativity)

So it must look like this:

The reason why the flow can’t be stopped is because of the use of the build-in delay flow cards. It’s not possible to stop them. If the delay card has been started and you switch off the lamp, the lamp will be switched on again when the delay card has expired.

It’s possible to stop this flow with a variable or a timer app, but in my opinion the most useful variant is @Paul_van_Ulft suggestion.

thanks for all your suggestions!

how about this?

didn’t know about the right-click option, thanks!

When you think you have a smart idee, some body else has most likely already implemented it. You just have to find it and search the forum an internet😁

Test yourself, don’t ask… :wink:

But why do you do this that way?

The lamp is switched on. In parallel you the lamp is dimmed to 1 %. And after the lamp is switched on, the lamp is dimmed again to 1 %.

If lamps are able to be switched on directly via a dimming card depends on the lamps. If this is the case with the Hue lamps, you don’t need the card to switch them on. If the lamps don’t support this function, these lamps must first be switched on and then dimmed.

ah yes; so I noticed that without the parallel 1% brightness command, the bulb switched on at much more than 1%. and I’d like to wake up gradually, not like this :wink: so that’s why I’m giving the 1% command as quickly as possible, which is parallel IMO.

I think in this case its important to have de dimlevel set to zero before turning off the light.

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I have also some Philips Hue bulbs in use, but directly connected with Homey, so not via Hue Bridge. If I start a flow and set the dimm level to 1 % without turning the bulb (E27 W&C Ambiance, LCT010) on before, the bulb starts with 1 % dimm level. Before I did this, the dimm level of the bulb was set to 100 % and then turned off.
I guess this will also work with the Hue Bridge.

FYI: In the Hue-bridge-app these settings are available:

I did some testing. Without dimming to 0% before turning off, the lamp starts slightly brighter (≈8%?) (Laatste aan-status ‘on’)

With the last option ’on’ and set to 1% the lamp starts with 1%(Duh)