Homey Pro 2023 keep led ring animating

Newbie to Homey Pro 2023, and playing with the flows, I noticed when you animate the led ring, it stops after 1 or 2 animations? is there any way to keep the animation going? Like a the screen saver but then with a custom color depending on the flow?

Create a flow to start animations with a short interval, but it isn’t possible from Homey Apps anymore.

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Can only animate for 10 seconds according to the card. How would you create an interval flow?

Like this

There are a few active threads on this topic. This is just one of them. I will respond in only 1.

I knew upfront that led applications are no longer supported, and that default flow cards are the only way of controlling the led ring on HP23.

In practice this is very limited and indeed, it stops after a few seconds. I would have hoped for Athom to build-in the option that this is a configurable time (e.g. show animation “pulse” for x seconds), however, this is not there.

In the past I have used the feature request form by athom for any amendment requests to current functionality. Unfortunately, this form feels like a bottomless pit. What you put in never surfaces in any form, nor is feedback given.

What is the current way of requesting a feature like above? One that actually is looked at by Athom?

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This form was deprecated more then a year ago, do yes technically it is a bottomless pit.
Feature requests can be send to their support form, and they will probably try to redirect you to the forum to start a discussion about it, if it gets enough attraction it will be seen by Athom.

@Peter_Kawa , this works perfect but only when the Chrongraph timer is set to 1 second. Than the 2023 ledring becomes one second either off or spectrum, depending on your setting and than it goes further with the color you have set.
Nice to have this extra option next to my “old” Homey ledring.

One example here for how I have set mine when my airco is cooling.


Keep in mind, when you start a flow every second, it could get disabled by Homey due to the silly “flow was started too many times in a timeframe” issue.

Mostly it is for a short period of time to let me know something happens, when it takes longer than a short period we will see what happens than.
In fact the timer start after the 10 seconds duration of the ledring animation and start over after 1 second after it has finisht.
So I guess that should be okay than. :man_shrugging:t2:

+1 On this request.

I don’t understand why it was removed :man_shrugging:. I found it really useful to indicate a status visually. My Homey is near the coat rack and I used it to visually tell when rain was about to start, by spinning the LED ring in blue for 10 minutes.

Is there still no way to control the homey 2023 led ring? Even this does nothing for me:

There are no changes to that stated above.

This card is working for me on HP23 (but only for some seconds)…