Why dump LED ring app support? Why not make it an option that can be disabled?

I don’t get it why Athon dumps support for apps controlling the LED ring.

If Athom support has issues identifying false issues then why not create a support mode where apps are temporary denied to control the LED ring?

The LED ring app and the LED ring is populair, really something special and in my opinion something that has to be part of Homey. It’s something nice to play around with and you’re be able to be really creative and personalise your Homey.

Beside that it must be sad for the developer to see many many hours of development end up in the trash. It doesn’t encourage developing for Homey.

The fact that Athom support has difficulty’s with it doesn’t make sense to me. There are features introduced that can cause the same difficulties. For example SSH support. This can be disabled. So why not doing the same for LED ring control?

I’ll suggest Athom keeps something unique to Homey.

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Don’t panic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Who said they dump support for the led ring?

I read that as: apps cannot by themselves control the ledring.
You can, using flows.

In the appstore you can see this app, https://homey.app/a/openmindnl.ledcollection/ for instance, is pro 2023 compatible.

Yeah cause the store doesn’t look for the usage of the Manager Ledring, which is not available on Homey Pro (early 2023), so even it says it is supported (you probably can install it), it won’t work.

Only the build-in flow cards will work, though most likely be extended as what is available now as that was mentioned in the AMA.

Though to be honest, the way smaller amount of LED’s (8 vs 24) makes the current animations not possible anyway, so needs to be re-written, but still be very limited to the amount of LEDs.

Ah OK. I didn’t know they reduced the amount of LED’s.

The indeed the app would need a rewrite…

But I assume the app won’t work any longer on the older Homeys when they’re updated.

I will be bound to predefined patterns. No LED ring app where you can create your own.

That’s just plain odd…

Athom owns the store, and defines what is published on it (I assume).
To me it ‘smells like’ misinforming (future) customers? Like “Hey look, this LED app works on our new Homey Pro

And now you say, it does not.
(I’m not pointing at you, but at Athom.)

Well technically it is very hard to determine (automatically) if an app completely stops working, or just part of it, as there are apps that have the screensavers (led ring animation) as part of their apps, those apps will keep working (most likely), just without (hidden) the screensaver flow cards/abilities (or those flows just won’t work).
So to flag those few screensaver only apps it would have to be done manually, if that is even possible currently.

Thanks for these insights Remco.