LED ring Homey Pro Flow 2023 not working

Hi, I’ve created multiple flows that trigger the LED-ring on the new Homey Pro. I can never get it to turn on and show a color temporarily. The only things that work are “Off” and “Spectrum”.

Did you install the app for choosing colours?

I have this app installed and can select what colour and for how long the ring should light up.

LED-Ring collectie App voor Homey | Homey

That app doesn’t work for the new Homey Pro (early 2023)

I don’t have this one, I will try it. But doesn’t the original work anymore?

Yes… thought I read that before. Added 2023 in the title!

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It works just fine on my HP2023 early :smiley:

Versie 3.1.5 — FIX: compatibility with Homey 2023

Here try to use that app for testing things but I can’t get no card for flows.

Being able to install and it actually working is 2 entirely different things.
That fix is restoring to try and disable it for Homey Pro 2023, as that isn’t possible (as the developer hoped) and crashed the app even on older Homey Pro’s. it doesn’t work, you can install it but won’t do a thing.

Now it should only show a notification on the timeline that "it doesn’t work for Homey Pro (early 2023).

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So… It’s normal for me to not being able to control the LED ring on the new homey pro via a flow?

No, the build in flow cards should work (the ones you show in your screenshot), can’t test it myself as can’t see the actual led ring currently.
The led ring just can’t be controlled by (other) apps anymore.

Hmm… let me reboot the homey and try again. Else, can I get some kind of log access to check what’s going on when that card is actually triggered?

Homey has no public logging for build in cards.
The only thing you can do is try it a few times, and then send in a report to Athom (using the appropriate support form) so they can fix it.

Figured it out… The animation can not exceed 10 seconds, and all of them were longer. Did some testing and eventally came to that conclusion.

That is good to know. Kinda stupid from athom in that case that you can use larger values and even minutes in the flow card

Yes… I’m not happy with that at all. And I don’t know why either.

Niels and @kvm
This might be a stupid workaround, but what if you loop the flow with the 10s animation?
With Advanced Trigger cards or “Flow is started with [text/number]” card you can re-trigger flows

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