LED ring in 2.0

Does the ledring change work at your homey’s. I use the ledring changing tosee what is happening.

I have mixed experiences with this. After every update it works if it didn’t work before the update. And if it did work before the update, it won’t work after the update… somehow.

I use the https://apps.athom.com/app/openmindnl.ledcollection app and change the screensaver in the settings. Currently it doesn’t work for me.

I use the same app and it’s very ‘unstable’, sometimes the pattern you choose works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Worst part is Athom advertised with this app last week…

For me at the V2 restart te app and it is working again

That Works. Thanks Marcel.

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I also use this app, and find it to be very unstable since 2.0. Sometimes a restart of the app works, sometimes a reboot of Homey. And also some of the “screensavers” from Athom don’t work, so maybe the problem is with Homey/Athom and not the led ring collection app. And it seems to be random which of them do or do not work.

Any more news / suggestions for a proper fix?

here also issues since homey 2.0.
app : LED Ring collection

  1. randomly the led settings set back to Spectrum.
  2. can not turn led off (turns automatic on after 2 sec)
  3. in a flow can not turn led off in the THEN card (stays on)

this happens couple of times per week, i need to restart the app, or do a shutdown.

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Here I have a flow that turns the ledring to spectrum if a doorsensor ’ opens ’ and turns the ledring of when it closes. That seems to work correctly all the time.

Spectrum is a ‘native Homey’ led ring. The problem occurs when chosing a led ring from the LED-Ring collection app. The result is that you end up with the spectrum led ring.

I’ve made a flow that is started when Homey starts. In the flow, after 4 minutes, a LED-Ring collection led ring is set and then, 30 seconds after that, the LED-Ring Collection app is restarted. That works (for me).
You need Homey V2.0.5 and the Power User option set (Experimental)

I Have the same problem, in restalled it several time but no succes
(even i do not see any flows under de app) .

Welcome Roelf,

If you uninstall an app then all relations to and settings from that app are deleted.
Any existing flows that used the app capabilities will probably show an exclamation mark.

Did you create any new flows or rebuild any existing flows that use the app after the uninstall/reinstall?
Can you choose the app and its capabilities in the THEN section when creating a flow?

Hi Peter,

I do not have any exclamation marks.

it is not working here any more.

zigbe switch alarm.

but is wil not shut off…?

and when i make flow like this .

it wil not start (only very short) blink

greetings roelf siemens

So u tell the ring to pulse and it will pulse. Sounds fair to me. Tell the ring to pulse with a duration of 10 seconds and see what happens.

I really should type faster… :innocent: Like @Rocodamelshekima says, it seems like it is working fine…

And for the next flow: When contact alarm goes to ON THEN pulse, ELSE what?
Like the contact alarm goes to off then run the else part?
This is not about the ledring, this is some faulty flows.

Hi Roco, and Peter,
I THINK YOU ARE wright. i just found out.it is may be the system.
I have made a flow and gave the led 10 sec duration and that works fine. :slight_smile:

Extra info i had sent my homey back to athom about 3 mnd for zigbee update.
and then adding zigbee hardware worked fine.

The video seen It is a zigbee switch) :frowning: that i am using. (xaumi)
Mouse moving on the left screen (over de led )
LEft it is closed and moved to the right window is open.

https://youtu.be/QZQiQNZAKFw (MADE A VID OF IT)

Greeting roelf siemens

I am sorry, but i really have no clue what you are trying to say here.
What do you mean by left is closed, right is open?

And i see in the flow there is still an ELSE part. Like @Rocodamelshekima already said, that is strange because in this flow there shouldn’t be an ELSE part. Either it triggers because the door is open or it does nothing at all.

If you want the LED ring to switch off after a time period, you have to specify the duration in the LED ring card.
If you want LED ring to switch off when the door is closed again, you have to create a second flow that triggers when the alarm goes to OFF.

Hi Peter,

I have made a vid to show you what i do.

  1. show switch works fine and that the led homey stays out.
  2. switch is oke
    3 make flow ( switch and homey led )
    4 Led homey goes on by switch .
    3 homey led does not go out any more, ?


And u used the flow shown above?
Then read some answers below that.
Ok ok, here it comes again:
U are turning on the led and then say it won’t go off anymore?
Turn on the led pulsing WITH a duration!
It’s in the same card!

Ow and for the 2nd flow: delete the “ELSE” part.
@Roelf_Siemens ^^