Ledring crash fixed in last experimental update (2.4.1)

What this means is that the “Led-ring collection” app by Alex van den Berg will finally work again.
I think this was possibly only a problem with Homey Pro

I have previously tried to download the source code and see if I could find the error myself so I could inform the creator and possibly get an update, but had to give up after some hours of getting the animation to run by itself but being unable to apply it to screensaver (also, I am no programmer). Now it seems to have been a bug in Homey.
Since downloading the update, screensavers now work again :smiley:

Just wanted to inform about this since I have wanted to control the led ring for a while now but have been unable to, except for the few official ones.
Be aware that this is still an experimental update and if you turn experimental updates on, you have to do a reset in order to turn it off again, so perhaps it is better to wait until official release.

I have an 2016 version Homey and the ledring sometimes did work and sometimes not. Would be great if it is fixed now.

I have a 2016 version too and since the update to 2.4.1 (28 hours ago) the ledring works fine :+1: