Restart LED screensaver without restarting homey?

Hi all,

The LED screensaver appears to be crashing pretty often. I know a homey restart resolves it temporarily but I would like to know if we can restart the led driver only without a homey restart?


Like turning it off and on in a flow?

Like it not doing anything anymore until a reboot. Not when homey talks nor when I enable or change the screensaver in settings. It doesn’t physically turn on the LED ring even though a screensaver is on. Hence I’m suspecting a problem in the driver/app but there is no way to restart it without restarting the entire OS.

Actually I meant that u could make a flow where u turn off the ledring screensaver and turn it back on after 5 seconds to see if that helps you.

Aha yes I do this every time I leave/enter home and if I try it manually the behavior is the same.