LED Ring as progressbar

Hi guys, im looking for a way to use the LED ring as a progress bar of a timer countdown. Based on how full de led ring circle is you can see when the time is about to elapse. Any idea or tips?

FYI variable brightness is not desireable because it would be difficult to see how much is left of the brightness range.

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Sorry, but basically not possible before Athom makes an API that supports something like this. Doc: LED Ring - Homey Apps SDK. Just assuming you would want this on the newest Homey Pro 2023?

For a Pro 201x you could take a look at:

I have homey 2019 but i cant install that app. App incompatibility issue. Was this possible for you to install?

Same here on a HP2019

as people have said in posts before it is not possible with the homey led ring… but…

you can realize this via the great wled project…


and this homey app D.A.L.O.R App für Homey | Homey

I use it to show the charging status of the house battery :wink:

perhaps it helps you

That’s odd indeed, same error here:

The app page says it should run:

Same here on my Early 2019.

The issue is the app’s compatibility string;

1.x >=1.5.0

This means that it’s only valid for system versions between 1.5.0 and 2.0.0.

The current system version for Homey is 10.0.0, so it doesn’t match.

Hmmm, it looks like it’s been 4 yrs ago when this issue was first reported.
We can call this app abandoned?

Well, then it means the app store is selling crap info, because v10.x can be considered as “or newer” :smirk:

It is.