Sonos - not running

Can someone help me with tis error ?
My connection is 2.4 - and i have tried to reinstall it many times


At the risk of asking an obvious question: is there content in the playback queue?

what is playback queue ( where to find )

In the Sonos mobile app (the one from Sonos, not the Homey app with that name), it looks like this:

(accessible through Rooms > <Room> and then the menu on the top right)

You are right my queue is not in use ( dont need it )- but still my sonos is not working in homey - when i try to open
one of my room ( family room ) to control my volume i got the error below.

I guess you’re using the Sonos to play back audio from an external device like a TV? In that case, it might be a bug in the app because controlling the volume should be separate from having content in the queue.

You can send a bug report to Athom here:

thanks for the feedback