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Sonoff ZBMINI does

Hi all,

I have bought 4 Sonoff ZBMINI Smart Switches recently and am trying to get them to talk to Homey.

When I plug them in, the green LED flashes. The instructions in the “Sonoff Zigbee” app for connecting ZBMINI say, to press the button 8 seconds till the LED is flashing.
The Sonoff Manual says 5 seconds.

Regardless, with pushing or without, the LED just keeps on flashing. Homey just times out after a while and tells me that is all took too long and it didn’t add anything.

Is there any other way to add these devices? Am I doing something wrong?

I have tested it with 3 of the 4 devices … all exactly the same. So I am guessing there is some problem either with me, the devices or the app.

Any help is appreciated!

I had this same issue. What helped for me was moving the ZBMINI next to Homey. It then connected almost instantly.

Kind of off topic, but going to ask anyway. Can I use de ZBmini to convert my normal switch to a smart switch while still using my smart bulbs? So can I make it to send a zigbee on/off signal using the switch rather than turning of the power itself. For obvious reasons I would like to keep the power on the switch to control is with homey etc, but I want my family to prevent turning of the power using the walls switch.

Thanks for your replies.

I don’t know specifically about the ZBMINI, but I’ve never heard of Zigbee switches that support “detached” mode, which is what you want (where the switch action can be detached from the relay action). The Shelly devices do support that (although they are WiFi devices).

Thanks, found this with your keyword detached:

Move the “L Out” to the same connector as the “L In”. This would effectively bridge the live and have permanent power to the bulb. The Sonoff relay would still “click” when you pushed the light switch but not do anything. You would then need an automation to trigger the bulb on when the relay turns on.

Think I am just going to try, 4 switches for 30 euro on Amazon right now seems like a nice price: https://www.amazon.nl/dp/B08R3P9541

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Oh, of course, that’s a simple solution :+1:t2:

Hi MartijnKr thank you for your input. I have tried connecting the ZBMINI while 100cm, 30cm and 2cm away from the Homey … There is no difference in the outcome.

I’m reading about lots of issues with the ZBMINI v1 in combination with deCONZ. There’s also a v2 that is reported to work much better, but from what I understand, you can’t see on the outside of the device which version you have :frowning:

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When its flashing its already in pairing mode.
So no need to press the button again.

I had the same thing. What probably happens is:
1 you plug in the ZBmini, its flashing so in pairing mode
2 you start connection to homey
3. Homey immediately finds the ZBmini and starts the pairing
4 you press the reset button on the ZBmini, this breaks the pairing process

try this:
1 plug in ZBmini and check if its in pairing mode (flashing)
If its not flashing press the button until it flashes
2 plug out the ZBmini
3 start the connection in homey
4 plug in the ZBmini (it should start flashing)
Don nothing…
Now it should pair

For hue bridge users:
The ZBmini also pairs nicely with the hue bridge (as a lamp)
After that you can add it to homey too

A very cheap (€11) way to make your regular bulbs smart.
And great WAF! You can still connect the lightswitch so the Wife can also control it manually (if ever needed)

This way its connected directly to homey. When you move it does is connect to a other (stronger) router?

Because of the cold weather I connected the ZBmini to homey first while being inside.
It connected immediately via a router (bulb that was near)

After it was paired I moved it to my garage. That already has some routers (bulbs)
Connection is really bad. It stays connected to the bulb inside that is (too) far away.
1 did a PTP of homey but that did not help
2 unscrewed the bulb it was routed to for 2 day. Mesh did not repair so ZBmini was also disconnected for 2 days.

Yesterday I discovered it can also connect to hue bridge. So its now on hue and working fine.
(But on hue I cant see the mesh)